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Resource Page for Hurricane Harvey
Need Help? Want to help? Use VolunteerHouston.org

NEW Hurricane Harvey Registry - impact research study from Rice University 

One year later, series of Hurricane Harvey podcasts by Houston Public Media

VIEW USACE timeline video about flood levels through 9/17/2017
See map of Response centers at the height of the response crisis

6/10/18 "911 calls took days in Harvey" Houston Chronicle

"A Closer Look at Houston's Biblical Floods" Chron.com

2/9/18 Comment period on flood plain mgmt regs extended to Mar 5

2/9/18 Area specific flood alerts give residents time... Chron.com

12/9/17  First of a five-part Houston Chronicle investigation series:
 "Nature ruled, man reacted. Harvey was Houston's reckoning".

11/15/17 $29 million disbursed to local charities (second round)
11/9/17 Governor's $61 billion Rebuild Texas federal request 
The city/county "Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund" has
 dispensed funds to 28 non-profits. Click link for more details

Signup for monthly Texas Hurricane Recovery News
10/13/17 Per District F Councilman Steve Le, the second pass
of heavy trash removal should be complete by December 2017

10/12/17 First pass debris collection is substantially complete

and curbside (green can) recycling could resume in November
Five reasons you may be ineligible for assistance,
five ways you might able to change FEMA's decision

Determine if you need to get a post-flood repair permit
if so, see requirements of City Floodplain Management Office
9/27/17 Unusally big water bills post-flood? Call 713-371-1400
9/26/17 Rent cars by the hour: $9/hr M-F, $8/hr on weekends
carshare offer is in Energy Corridor District, subsidised membership required.
9/25/17 FEMA Disaster Recovery Center at St. John Vianney 
reduced hours to 9 am - 7 pm, Mon-Sat. They have short lines!!

9/25/17 Now 115 trucks picking up heavy trash in City District G
9/22/17 Use app version of Houston 311 to report storm debris:
Select button "Harvey Debris" within the app, "Report Harvey Debris" on web
9/19/17 Harris County wants photos & videos of interior damage:
 Fill in survey form and submit files at http://harveyimages.org
9/18/17 Flooded? Apply for FEMA's Clean & Removal Assistance
Register at www.DisasterAssistance.gov, need evidence photos for site inspector
9/18/17 "Harvey Resource Guide" from Energy Corridor District.
9/17/17 22 trash trucks worked Zone 11 Saturday, 10 trucks today
9/16/17 Update on flood debris removal from Dept of Neighborhoods

9/14/17 West District & Turkey Creek sewage plants at 100%
9/12/17 "Waze" app launches free carpool service in Houston
FEMA opens 3 disaster recovery centers: Katy, Baytown, Greenspoint
9/10/17 Four southbound lanes of Tollway 8 opened later tonight,
  but a right lane and SB Memorial entrance ramp are still closed.
  Hwy 6 is open between I-10 & Westheimer, but not north of I-10 
  Westheimer Pkwy now open to traffic through George Bush Park
9/7/17 Briar Hills power restoration and mobile substation update 
9/6/17 Hurricane Debris collection process, also 6 dropoff locations
9/4/17 Initial FEMA Assessment of flooding (imagery of Sep 2)
9/3/17 Gradual reduction in flow from Addicks and Barker dams
9/3/17 Mandatory Evacuation at 7 am Sunday for flooded homes
9/2/17 Update on Power Outages, Notified if power cuts planned

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